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We have built Storewoot in a way that you will be able to promote your Etsy products on Pinterest in just 1-3 clicks on an average. You can experience this simplicity in design beginning right from how we sign you up for this tool.
We are testing this tool with 50 odd Etsy users selling products under different categories like furniture, toys, jewelry, clothing, craft etc and everyone found Storewoot very useful and easy for their Etsy business.
As soon as you pick what all products you want us to promote for you, we will immediately pin your products on Pinterest and start promoting it to our pinterest users network. With in few hours, your product pins will start spreading virally on Pinterest. Your Storewoot dashboard will provide you all the stats on your promotions, in realtime.
Storewoot has an active community of 65,000 real Pinterest users who are actively using Pinterest to discover new products of their likings. These 65,000+ users have over 20 million followers in total. We promote your products to these Pinterest users who further repin it if they like your product. It is absolutely an organic and high quality Pinterest promotion.
Yes, absolutely. Your Storewoot dashboard will give your all the stats like where we pinned your products, how many repins and likes they are getting on Pinterest.
We want to help maximum possible Etsy sellers hence we have kept very economical plans and pricing. You can promote first product for free and from there on only $3 per product.
Storewoot was started as side project by Alka Thomas under Viralwoot (leading Pinterest tool) to develop features in Viralwoot to help Etsy users with Pinterest promotions. We talked to 100s of Etsy users while developing these features and realized that there is a lot to be done to help Etsy sellers community with cost effective advertising hence founders of Viralwoot decided to invest in Storewoot to develop it as a go-to tool for Etsy sellers for Pinterest promotions. We have a network of 50,000+ Pinterest users interested in different things like Jewelry, Clothing, Crafts, Art etc. This network has a cumulative reach to over 9 Million users on Pinterest.

Viralwoot is sharing all its learnings, proprietary tools to help you go viral on Pinterest and generate way more traffic and sales from Pinterest, than ever before.